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My loves. 😍 #BestGiftEver

My silly boy. ❤

What I live for. Happy Easter everyone.

Mother in law and I ❤

Wow Its been a while.

Nila & Rapha,

Man time flies and the days get busy. So I am taking this time to write to you guys because it is something I haven’t done in a while. Nila your about to be 4 in a month or so…again time flies. Rapha your 2 & 1/2 and your starting to talk like crazy! I thought only your sister could talk my ears off but its sounding like you are gonna be doing the same thing. Saturday we have Shawn’s Birthday Party he’s gonna be 2! Already!? Woooh. I love you guys so much and that love only grows stronger as the days pass. I miss you when your not with me and sometimes I get selfish and wish I could keep you to myself but I would never do that. Nila guess what you learned how to do!? Your writing your name! Sometimes you mess it up but for the most part your doing great. You are a very smart girl and I hope that you keep it up! Rapha your sister is someone to look up to you are also very smart and already following in her footsteps, but you wouldn’t believe how different you both are. You also fight a lot! Which I’m sure will not change in the years to come. Love you babies! 

LaBabyMomma. <3

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