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4 years ago today I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Not only is she beautiful but she’s the smartest little girl I know. Time has gone and will continue to go by but my love for you baby girl will forever be strong. You introduced me to a new kind of love and appreciate that more then anything. I ask Nila the same question every year and I will continue to do so…
Me: Nila will you stop growing please? Be mommy’s baby forever.
Nila: Mommy even when I’m a big like you I’ll still be your kid. 💕
She’s right I can never stop her from growing but will always get to enjoy being her mother. Happy Birthday Princess Leonila. I love you with all my heart!

Those curls tho.

My loves. 😍 #BestGiftEver

My silly boy. ❤

What I live for. Happy Easter everyone.

Mother in law and I ❤